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You never know when an emergency is going to strike, and it’s important to be prepared for anything. Thinking quickly on your feet and knowing how to properly perform CPR can help or save someone’s life.

This technique is used in many emergencies, including a heart attack or near drowning, in which someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped. Keeping the blood flow active until trained medical staff arrive can extend the opportunity for a successful resuscitation.

Excel Training Institute offers CPR Training and CPR Certification for individuals looking to learn this life-saving technique. As a Nurse Aide or Home Health Aide, it’s critical that you have the right first aid and CPR skills in order to care for your patient in case of an emergency. Having your CPR certification will make you a better caregiver and be ready for any emergency.

There are four different levels of CPR certification:

  • CPR-A (Adult Basic Life Support): It’s the basic level and the first one you’ll need to start your CPR training. You’ll be able to treat adults only and also be familiar using an automated external defibrillator (AED). This training can treat most conditions that require CPR at your home or work place, where most medical emergencies occur.
  • CPR-B (Child and Infant Basic Life Support): You’ll be certified for treating infant and child emergencies, both of which require a different approach due to their size. You’ll also learn how to use an automated external defibrillator on children. This level doesn’t include adult treatment and is a supplement to CPR-A.
  • CPR-C (Adult, Child and Infant Basic Life Support): This level combines skills from both CPR level A and B courses, meaning you’ll be able to treat adult and children/infant emergencies with both CPR and an automated external defibrillator.
  • CPR-HCP (Health Care Provider CPR): You’ll learn all the skills from level C plus additional information for health care providers. This level is required for nurses, paramedics, physicians, and others who work in healthcare settings. The additions to this level are the use of a bag-value mask, two-rescuer CPR, and the pulse check.

A CPR Certification is good for two years and will have to be renewed in order to remain valid. You’ll be able to renew your skills, refresh your memory, and stay up to date on the latest techniques. Renewal classes are often shorter than initial CPR classes.

Our training facility is located in Wilbraham, MA on the Indian Orchard, Wilbraham, and Ludlow town lines with ample off-street parking and bus route access.  For more information about our certified CPR training, call us at 413-583-8900 or email us at


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